Friday, May 15, 2009

New Belts Collection!! GRAB it NOW!!

Best Fitted Size M-XL

B1 (Brown) : Sold to Nadia!

B2 (Dark Brown) : Sold to Farfisa!

B3 (Dark Brown) :
1. SOLD to BB!
2. Sold to Nadirah!

RM29 **NOW RM 20

Best Fitted Size S- Small L

B4 (White) : Sold!
B5 (Dark Brown): Sold to Renawati!

RM 29 **NOW RM 20

Ribbon Clincher
Best Fitted Size XS-M

B6 (Brown) : Sold to Farfisa!
B7 (Black) : Sold!
B8 (Red) : Sold!

RM 25**SALES! RM 10

Prison Clincher
Best Fitted XS- SmallL

B9 (Red) : SOLD
B10 (Black) : Sold!
B11 (Purple) : Sold Huwaida!
B12 (Dark Brown) : Sold!

RM 25**NOW RM 20

Clip-On Belt
Best Fitted XS-Small L

B13 Sold to ieja!

B14 (Brown) : 2 pcs Available
1. Sold to Roziah
2. Available

RM 25 **SALES! RM 10

Big Belt
Best Fitted S- Small L

B15 (Silver) : Sold!
B16: SOLD TO Tg.Hazira!

RM 29
**NOW RM 25

Vintage Belt
Best Fitted XS-Small L

B17 (Black): SOLD
B18: Sold to Ieja!
B19 (Dark Brown) : Sold!

RM 29
**NOW RM 20

Classic Belt
Best Fitted XS- Small L

B20 (Brown) : SOLD
B21 (Black) : SOLD

RM 29 **NOW RM 20

Simple Clincher
Best Fitted Size XS to small M

B22: Available Sold to Tasya!

RM 25

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