Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Edition Updated!!

HoneyMoon Top
It's Simple yet Stylish
Cotton & very Comfy Materials

Available in 4 Colours
Green : Sold!
Orange : Sold!
Hot Pink : sold!
Blue : Sold!

RM 36 **NOW RM 20
** Belt excluded

Vintage Flower Top
Wear it the way u love darling!! =)

Available in 4 Colours
Yellow : sold!
Green : Sold!
Orange: Sold!
Dark Brown :sold!

RM 36 **NOW RM 20
**Belt Excluded

Embroidery Top 1
Size S

Available in 2 Colors
Purple Shock ( Sold to ieja!)
Purple Shock ( Sold to Dila! )
Black : Sold!
RM 30**NOW RM 29
**Belt excluded

Embroidery Top 2
Size S

RM 30
** Belt excluded
SOLD to Tasya!

Embroidery Top 3
Size S

RM 30 **NOW RM 29

Don't Steal ur Boyfriend's Shirts!!
Best Fitted S to small L

Available in 2 Colours
Grey: Sold to Aida!
Blue: Sold to Ieja!

RM 30. **NOW RM 26
**Belt Excluded


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My fashion's closet said...

Dear Joseph,
thankyou so much for your review..
but don't u think that my blog is out of the category that u are tend to advertise in your directory? I'm actually selling clothes my dear, not honeymoon package.. but i do appreciate your work. thank you so much..