Thursday, December 29, 2011

Makeup promotion!!

hello lovely dolls! I got 1 good news, I am now currently having a great makeup promotion which will cost u only RM50 per session! This makeup is suitable for any function such as dinner, wedding ceremony & etc. Normally i will charge around RM80 to RM100 for this makeup. I'm doing this promotion because I just quit my job and after this I will focus 100% on my business. Plus I will set up a mini spa at my house which offer facial treatment and some other treatment that will be added soon. For the opening I will give special promotion to my customer. Any latest update i will let u know soon. Plus, as many of u know that I am now wearing hijab. So I want to to let go some of my wardrobe that can't suite me anymore. The quality is 100% guaranteed and the price is really affordable. I will work to make this blog happening as before so plss stay tuned and plss support me guys! Lots of love :)