Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Hello people Im now actively doing business on instagram. So pls follow my insta to get my latest update. Im selling so many cool stuffs! so check it out. My instagram:


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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Furla Candy Bag RM 250

Hello ladies! Its been a year I haven't update new stuffs. Sorry dearies I'm so busy with work and plus I'm having a baby now. But not to worry as I already decided to quit my job and to do business full time. I will update new cool stuff to u guys frequently. I hope u guys can keep supporting me! For beginning here it is, FURLA CANDY BAG! I'm so sure so many darling outside there searching for this bag right? Don't scream yet! U surely keen to know the price right? ok because this is a come back from me I offer u this super stylish and cute and sweet bag like candy for only RM 250! Plus free delivery yeayyy! Normal price is RM290 plus delivery charge. Cool isn't it? But I'm sure u are thinking is this original? Surely not baby. I will not lie to u. This is Gred AAA replica with quality is almost the same. See the baby blue furla picture, that is exactly what I sell. So its up to u guys. Choices in your hand. Happy shopping!!!

To order whatsapp/line 017 6455985. Also follow my instagram nora_furla_candybag to checkout any other colors.
Stocks are really limited. So grab fast!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vitamin C for flawless looking skin!

Hello everyone. Hari ni nak uppdate about new beauty product! Vitamin C for flawless looking skin. Vitamin C ni bukan untuk injection tapi dia utk dimakan but fret not, this vitamin is 100% safe sbb nama pun vitamin. So tak perlu risau even I yg mengandung pun mengamalkan vitamin ni dan hasilnya Alhamdulillah kulit makin cantik. Vitamin ni sgt sesuai for those yang takde masa nak jaga kulit. Even I sendiri pun mmg sgt malas nak jaga kulit. I just cuci muka je skrg. Taktaula maybe sbb pregnant baby boy, malas sgt nk jaga kulit tp Alhamdulillah la kulit muka I mmg tak bermasalah, just bila tak jaga kulit jd mcm kering and mengelupas. Maybe perubahan hormon sama. So one day ada my friend suggest I utk vitamin C ni, die pun pregnant jugak. Mula-mula mcm tak berani nak try, plus I mmg susah nak makan ubat masa awal-awal pregnant, tp lama-lama I tgk feedback from her customer smua puji vitamin ni. So I pun teringin nak try and Alhamdulillah, baru berapa hari I try pun dah nampak kesan, kulit I jadi betambah moisture andkulit yg mengelupas pun dah kurang so I want to share this special news with my customer. U guys can try the promo pack 30 tablet only RM60 including postage. Or if u guys maybe nak try dulu, boleh jugak beli loose 1 tablet for RM2.50. Tapi seeloknya minimum amik 10 tablet, baru boleh nampak kesan. I can guarantee u will be satisfied with the result. Vitamin ni bukan utk muka saja, die akan bantu mencantikkan seluruh kulit tubuh badan, kalau yg ade masalah jerawat dkt badan pun ia sgt membantu, so guys hurry up! I only ade 1000 tablets je for sale, kalau dah sold out i need to order back and it will take some time, so pls be hurry!

Kat bawah ni I sertakan sekali testimoni customer yg berpuas hati :

p/s: will update more beauty product soon. Thanks a bunch for your support :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leather jacket

I'm taking order for this all time favorite jacket once again due to massive demand. But the design might be slightly different but i can guarantee u will be satisfied. So who are still interested plsss place your order now since the stocks are limited. Be fast!! RM 59 each :)

Prelove, vintage and brand new items out for grab!

Hello dearies, as i promise i already uploaded some of my prelove, vintage and brand new item but i don't update it here. I upload in Facebook only since i don't have much time to upload it here. Feel free to view the album (CLICK HERE). If u can't view the album pls add me up. I'll approve u asap. However, I will still updating this blog soon. Since i just quit my job, so i have much time to spend here, so plsss stay tuned. On my next update, i will update satin shawl at a very affordable price. So pls stay tuned people. Loves :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Makeup promotion!!

hello lovely dolls! I got 1 good news, I am now currently having a great makeup promotion which will cost u only RM50 per session! This makeup is suitable for any function such as dinner, wedding ceremony & etc. Normally i will charge around RM80 to RM100 for this makeup. I'm doing this promotion because I just quit my job and after this I will focus 100% on my business. Plus I will set up a mini spa at my house which offer facial treatment and some other treatment that will be added soon. For the opening I will give special promotion to my customer. Any latest update i will let u know soon. Plus, as many of u know that I am now wearing hijab. So I want to to let go some of my wardrobe that can't suite me anymore. The quality is 100% guaranteed and the price is really affordable. I will work to make this blog happening as before so plss stay tuned and plss support me guys! Lots of love :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mulberry inspired handbag! Pre-Order!

I'm taking order for this famous handbag! The quality is so superb! Items will arrive in 3 working days, so if u're interested, place ur order now. Available in 3 colors black, brown and light purple. Its for RM 89 only. Grab fast, stocks are limited! :)

1: farahani, black : paid , sent

2: lin, brown : paid, sent

3: aina , brown : paid, sent

4. liza, black : paid, sent

5. hafiza, light purple : paid, sent

6. alia, black : paid, sent

7. aziha, black : paid, sent


Friday, October 7, 2011

New items updated! :)


Hello guys, after almost a year, finally i'm back! I'm so sorry for my long hiatus. I've been dealing with a lot of problems and so many things to be done. I'm so sorry bout that. Here's an update from me but i would like to apology for the poor quality pictures since my dslr camera has been stole :'(. I offer u guys with great price and plss keep update as i wil LELONG all left items in store with a very cheeeaaaapppp price. So stay tuned and happy shopping!

to order sms ur particular item to 017 6455 985 :)

Owl 1
RM 19

Dancing Queen

Owl 2

Sugar Candy

** come with casual chicky shorts
shorts can fit up until waist 27"

RM 35

Stylish Simple Maxi Dress
**Super cute, super hot ;) also suitable for those who wearing scarf. U can wear inner inside!

RM 39

Lace Cardi
* wear it anywhere, u are just simply gorgeous! :)

RM 35


Chiffon Blazer
*simply amazing! from casual to formal, rock ur day with this super stylish blazer! :))

RM 39

Rock on Blazer
*My Fashion Closet Favourite

Wear it like this! :)

RM 45

Black : SOLD

Button Blazer

RM 39


Black : SOLD

Lace Love
* My Fashion Closet favourite :)

RM 39

Lovely Dot White

Lovely Dot Black

RM 35

Owl Love :)
RM 29

Ribbon Cardi
* Also available in blue color, pic will update soon.
RM 15

Sleeveless Lace
*So simple, so stylish! :)
RM 19



Studs Shirt

RM 25

Stripes Dress
** My Fashion Closet Favourite

RM 29

Stripes Maxi Dress
RM 25


Black : SOLD

Stripes Pearl
RM 29