Monday, March 29, 2010

April Fool.

Waiting for another update? im hoping that u guys wouldn't be upset for my hiatus. Im currently busy with my final project, exam & bla..blaa...blaa....being a fashion student is not as glamourous & fun as u guys think. I do give up being a fashion student sometime. haha. forget it people. . By the way, hello fashionista! Its almost a month & i am now searching for more hot & candy goodies for April update. I'll update my blog with new goodies soon. Items expected are zebra shirt, leopard jacket, flowery jacket, sweet candy mini dress & much more. So pls, STAY TUNED guys. AND not to forget. pls join MY FASHION'S CLOSET group in facebook so u'll be the first to received our very latest update. search: MY FASHION'S CLOSET
thankyou dearies. =)

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